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Aug 2, 2009 8:30am EDT
montana" helmet is spoeft to fit children 8 and up. but tests show it is too big for some 8-year-olds and just right for some adults. >> a helmet should fit snugly even before you tighten the strap. >> level and no more than one or two finger's width above the brow. the straps should form a v under each year and centered under the chin. the brasher tested well and is a best buy for $20. >> you'll need to adjust the bike helmet over time. the straps may stretch or slip as your child grows. replace it every five years or if your child has an accident. >>> this week in living well a crackdown on foot safety especially greens that say prewashed and ready to eat. unfortunately they have been the culprits of widespread food poisoning cases. >> reporter: kelly won't go near salad that comes from a bag. >> you have like a pain in your stomach and the pain was unbelievable. >> reporter: she was infected with e. coli after seating a salad at a washington state restaurant. she said she found out later that the lettuce came from a bag. the mother o. two ended up in the hospital for two weeks
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1